Join the thrilling adventures of Lucy and delve into the magnificent world of magical creatures, machines and legends! The magical land of Mr Applebaum needs your help!

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What happens when you receive a mysterious package with a strange letters and dazzling crystals from another land? Lucy is an ordinary LA girl who suddenly discovers her heritage awaits her in Eastern Europe. So her journey begins with a mysterious package with stunning Crystals. She makes a surprising decision to travel to Europe and discover murky family stories.

What awaits her in this old kingdom full mysteries?
What happened to this dark and abandoned land? 
Who are the people you meet and who remember the glorious times of the past? 
Is it the place where strange powers and magic have taken their hold?

Lucy is the heiress everyone’s waiting for.
Only she can master the power of Crystals and save this land! 

Travel through mysterious mountains and plains to collect beautiful Crystals. Travel to old houses and rebuild them to their former glory! Your goals is to gather enough to power up the legendary Light Tower – an innovative construction created originally by Mr Applebaum. The Light Tower can save the whole kingdom and break the curse that has blighted this land! 

This Board Game has been developed on the basis of a popular Hidden Object game, “House Secrets: The Beginning”, available on Google Play and App Store!




Fantasy world and hours of sheer fun for many players!


Our Board Game has been in development for a long time now, and we’re happy to announce that we’re soon launching a Kickstarter campaign to collect funds for an official release of the game! Drawing on the popular mobile game, “House Secrets: The Beginning”, we’re expanding the universe of the game and presenting new adventures and mysteries.


Join us in our venture!


What to expect from the game:

  • Stunning graphics – a fantastical world full of fascinating characters and places!
  • Delve into a land full of mysteries and get lost in its puzzles and marvels!
  • How about some dangerous mission and exciting quests? Adventure cards!
  • Beautiful, lively character figures with their tokens!
  • Zeppelin figures to travel around the board!
  • Cool game gadgets – feel like Indiana Jones and collect wondrous Crystals!
  • Discover stunning machines and rebuild them to new levels!




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